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Welcome to Spheres of War

Spheres of War is a collection of four wargames: Politico, Strategic, Tactical, and Technique. Each can be played by itself in it's own right, completely isolated from the others, or combined into the greater Spheres of War system. When combined the games are arranged in tiers; with the lower tiers being subsets of the greater tiers. All the games share a common design ethos with stats that translate across all tiers. The greatest tier is politico, which controls when war is waged. Once war is declared in Politico Players can switch to Strategy to plan out the war and determine where battles will be fought. Battles are resolved with the Tactical rules, and focuses on group engagements, from small warbands to massive conflicts involving thousands. The lowest tier is Technique and is all about individuals. It deals with the actions of heroes, and is played out with a group of Players each controlling a single character in the game. It is used to play out 'missions'.


The tiers do not have to be used all at once, and combining tiers creates different gaming experiences and can be used to duplicate other games: Politico-Technique forms Spheres of War's RPG (Role Play Game). At any time the other tiers can be seamlessly integrated into the game session. An RPG game can grow naturally allowing Players can nation build. Eventually they can command great armies, their Avatar taking on the role of General in a game of Strategy.


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